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Why do Franchises Love CTV?

Connected TV (CTV) advertising delivers targeted ads to users streaming content on devices like smart TVs, streaming media players (Roku, Amazon Fire TV), gaming consoles, and more via the internet.

We use your lists to find your sellers and deliver your commercials on their devices. You decide who sees your ads and get maximum exposure for the lowest cost.

With 15,000+ unique targeting segments, we help you precisely reach the right people based on behaviors, interests, geography, and more.
We set up the campaigns, ads, and generate leads for you. Once the ads start, there is very little maintenance and leads keep coming in week after week.
You have complete control to adjust your spending up or down, expand into new markets, and be seen by the sellers and areas you want.
TV commercials create brand awareness, credibility, and trust in your company.

Reach your real potential customers, directly in their homes

Franchises face the challenge of connecting with local audiences across multiple locations, maintaining branding, and maximizing budgets. Connected TV advertising helps target local viewers, optimize spending, and present both national and local messages cost-effectively. Franchise CTV can help:


We have seen a 3.5x return on our TV advertising spend so far, and are excited to continue to work together and produce new creative for next year!

Christian Arquilla
Franchise Owner

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